How to Collect and Submit Proofs


According to different types of records, you have to submit a series of proofs. Instructions can better help you to collect your proofs for challenge more efficiently, and to further shorten the time for evaluation and to help you acquire official authentication quickly.



A. Photos

Photos are one of the most commonly used proofs for application, which can help inspectors to get known about the form of your challenge of record, the measurements of challenge as well as various details during the challenge directly. Therefore, photos you submitted must meet the demands listed below:


Multi-shooting angles--photos must be shot in different angles and positions from the beginning to the end of your challenge.

Scale-- if your application for record involves an object that is relatively big or a crowd, please show them in panorama or in full scale.


Details--photos should capture the moments of actions of the challenger and exact actions when he or she is challenging.


Note: Photos can be used as supplementary materials besides videos providing details that might have been missed in videos.


B. Videos

Videos can be used as the main proofs which will help our record management group to learn whether you have created a record. The video must show the whole challenge process, so please make sure that the video you uploaded meet all the requirements below:


What should be involved in the video?

• The completeness. No matter how long your video is, you must make sure that it is on throughout the process of challenge. In case there is unexpected problems occur, please prepare several cameras.


• High-resolution. Please use cameras of high-resolution and with accurate focus to help us observe and judge if you have create a record.


• Pertinency-- during the measurement, please make sure that the shooting angle is perfect enough for showing the whole process of your challenge of the record. For example, the measurement of the objects used in your challenge of record, the distance and the sharpness of the video.


Note: before you start your challenge, please hold your ID card, introduce yourself first and then tell us name of the record you are going to challenge.


C. Particular proofs


> Personal statements of the witnesses

Without the presences of the authentication officers of world records, challengers should have witnesses presented as required as the scale of the challenge of records demand. Besides, statements of witnesses of different background and education levels should be submitted.


> Experts from different fields

Experts from different fields can be invited to the challenging site according to different categories. For example, medical experts should provide copies of professional qualification certificate and statement of witness.


> Certification of authorized measuring mechanism


If you have invited auditing firm or professional service-provider for your record and measurement of the challenge, qualified documents and statement of witness must be submitted.


Upload and submit proofs of your record

The most quick and direct channel is to send them to the e-mail box of Forbes World Record Certification.


1) Open your email box, and send materials to, the email address of Forbes World Record Certification. Add all materials in the accessory section.


2) If there are too much to be uploaded, please re-upload in ZIP.


3) You can add URL of videos or share online data storage service.

NOTE:Please make sure your materials are arranged in certain categories, and make sure those descriptions are accurate with each photos marked clearly. If record management group can not understand your materials, we will ask you to re-submit your proofs of challenge, and different materials might be sent to application centers located in different regions.


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