Challenge Rules of World Record


Different record applications of World Record is operated by professional teams of Forbes World Record Certification in charge of records of different fields. Challenge rules will be made after the application has passed the initial evaluation and the applicant will definitely take participation of the challenge. All of the world records have their own challenge rules, and challenge forms, data and indexes and restrictions of different records have their own requirements.


Notice of challenge rules of records

We will send challenge rules to your e-mail box you have reserved, and after you have received the challenge rules, you can contact our Department of Record Management by means of communication if you have any doubts.


Detailed challenge rules of world records:

A.    Definition of Record

Descriptions of contents of the challenge and forms

For example: the maximum of push-up made with a single hand

√ This action is completed with a single hand and all his feet landing

Personal challenge

It is measured by the numbers of push-up completed with a single hand and all his feet landing.


B.     The only rule is the Restriction of main record data

There is a unique index for every world record that can evaluate whether the participant is capable for breaking the record. EXACT data will be provided no matter the restriction refers to previous grade for world record or the one designed by experts in that field.


C.    Restriction of auxiliary data

When the challenge of record is proceeding, restriction will be made in the form of exact number according to data provided in other aspects, like the yoga class of the largest scale ever seen. It is not only the number that should be up to the level of world first but also the time of challenge. Here, we have professional record management group to define for what length of time can be called a “class”.


D.    Collections of proofs and materials

      Collections of proofs and materials submitted vary according to different record categories and challenge forms. In the rules of record we have presented, detailed list of proofs will send to you according to the world record you challenged. You can contact with us to get the form of related record data.


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