Our aim, vision, mission and value



We hope that people can show their unique talents and explore their potentials in challenging world records, enriching their outlooks of the world and the understandings of themselves. It is our aspiration to witness the infinite wonderfulness of the world and to create enormous fortunes for our clients.


Aiming at building a world platform for all humankind, Forbes World Record Certification has been strive for breaking the highest achievements obtained by human beings by presenting an opportunity for anyone, any community and any team.



It is our mission to broaden people’s mind and to enrich their life, making sure that any individual, product, culture and brand can be known by the world by certifying the world first in almost every field. At the same time, we carry this mission in the belief to make every world record more credible and more powerful.



> Profession

 Every judgement and measurement of the world record is based on objective facts and passion to create a world record, without any preference or prejudices. We invite experts in different fields to participate in your challenge as consultants to respond to different demands of record certifications.


> Transparency

For every challenge of the world record can be monitored, we ardently expect your challenge.


> Equality

Respect all challengers of the world record and record-holders as well as partners and our own staff regardless of your belief and education background.

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